NYC Pride is committed to safety and security in everything we do. Below please find all the ways we are dedicated to delivering on safety and security including how you can help contribute to making this a safe experience!


Our Part

  • NYC Pride volunteers will run operations on site with highly visible branded shirts or credentials.
  • A private security firm will be hired, including setup officers, fire guards, and special event supervisors who will liaise with NYC Pride staff, security personnel, venue personnel, and government agencies.
  • Each event venue’s security will collaborate with NYC Pride’s security liaisons.
  • Security and volunteer personnel will be required to undergo de-escalation training including (where applicable) alcohol involvement, sexual harassment, consent for attendees and performers, rally environments training, and underage guests/family-friendly event training and racially based altercations.
  • Personnel will be trained on active shooters and other threats
  • Personnel will be trained on evacuation exit and communication plans in partnership with venue management.
  • NYC Pride will strictly adhere to capacity and spacing policies imposed by event venues and government agencies


Your Part

  • Consider your power and privilege; consider ways you can be helpful to others around you
  • If you witness or experience an act of violence call the NYC Anti Violence hotline at (212) 714-1141.
  • If you identify a potential threat, including discrimination, violence, hate, or even an unattended bag, call 911 immediately.
  • Avoid attending events alone, when possible. Designate a "Pride Buddy," and do not leave your friends alone.
  • Advise someone who won't be with you of your whereabouts and of any change of plans.
  • Keep electronics charged and bring additional battery power.
  • Write down your emergency contacts in the event your phone dies.
  • Trust your instincts. Remove yourself from situations where you feel unsafe.
  • Notify event organizers of any harassment or threats for immediate support.
  • Speak up and be loud to alert bystanders to identify violence and deter it
  • Record what is happening - take videos on your phone, if possible. Stay safe.
  • Offer support to survivors - offer what you can.
  • Keep your money in a safe place.
  • Don't drive if you have been drinking or taking anything that can impair your decision making.
  • Designate an emergency meet up spot in the event you get separated from your group.